DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge 2011

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Out of the total 17 awarded prizes from our sponsors, prizes range from access to the latest hardware, software, and training to trips to the 2012 DoD Cyber Crime Conference and internship opportunities.

Team rankings overall and per prize can be found on the 2011 DC3 Challenge leaderboard.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2011 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge ordered by score are:

1st Place Prize Winners
Prize Categories Sponsor(s) Team Name
(# of Members)
Affiliation Final
Grand Champion DC3 LoneWolf (1) Sabanci University, Turkey 4,789
  • Non-US Winner
  • Overall Graduate
  • EC-Council
    US Winner DC3, BlackBag, Dell SIGSEGV (4) Arizona State University, US 3,532
  • Overall Undergraduate
  • EC-Council
  • US Undergraduate
  • SANS, AFCEA, Paraben, AccessData, Best Buy
    Overall Commercial EC-Council Northrop Grumman (4) Northrop Grumman, US 3,471
    US Government EC-Council, AFCEA, NIST OLES, Paraben 0x90 (4) Department of Defense, US 3,270
    Overall Civilian EC-Council DFRC (4) Korea University, South Korea 2,762
    UK Winner UK Challenge, McAfee Icarus (1) Lancaster University, UK 2,099
    US Graduate SANS DSU MSIA-2 (1) Dakota State University, US 1,549
    US Military EC-Council, AFCEA, Paraben DCIS SEFO (4) Defense Criminal Investigative Service, US 1,105
    US Community College CIS, McAfee, Best Buy CSI-207-001 (4) Anne Arundel Community College, US 924
    Overall High School EC-Council AlphaPHS (4) Poolesville High School, US 855
  • US High School
  • SANS, Dell, Best Buy
    2nd Place Prize Winners
    Prize Categories Sponsor(s) Team Name
    Affiliation Final
    US Government Paraben jllr (1) NY State Government, US 2,511
    US Military Paraben Zero Zero (4) United States Air Force (USAF) 938